About Proxy Google

This website, ProxyGoogle.com, Is all about providing you with web-based proxies to help you anonymize your online browsing, thus keeping your Identity, namely your IP address, private and where It should belong- being with you and you alone.

Given you've made It this far Into our website, we're pretty sure you know what a proxy Is, so there's no point In going over the semantics. Yes, there's thousands of websites that provide you with a service similar to this, but this website Is not all about quantity, but rather "quality". This means all links provided on this site, have been tried and tested to ensure their overall functionality serves It's objective, and only the very best and very few are available for use. 

You will not see hundreds of links scattered all over this website, thus trying to be the biggest gateway to online anonymity. Quite the contrary. We'd rather have a small amount of fast and fully functional proxies available at your disposal, therefore fulfill your online needs as per your expectations. 

To use a proxy, simply enter the URL that you wish to navigate to Into the address bar of the proxy Itself, and browse the given website thereafter. You can opt for an Individual proxy under the "New Proxies" Image on the main page, or select from a list of proxies under that very same title also on the main page named "Proxy Lists".

As opposed to most websites on the net, we at ProxyGoogle.com do not believe In any form of advertising. In fact, we couldn't care less about monetizing or any money-making techniques. You will not come across any popups or advertisements, hence your experience here will be a most pleasant one.

We solely rely on the services of third-party websites and do not host anything directly on our servers. Every link you click will redirect to the service of the third-party website and It's that website that provides It's resources. As a result, full credit goes to the website(s) that allow us to keep functioning and provide you with the tools and resources you're after.

We trust your experience here at ProxyGoogle.com Is a good one, and look forward to serving your needs as required.